Busek Co. Inc. develops several types of thruster systems for CubeSat and other small spacecraft missions. These include electrospray, Hall Effect, micro-resistojet, pulsed plasma, RF ion thruster, and green monopropellant thrusters. For decades, Busek Co. Inc. has been working to develop electric propulsion (EP) for spacecraft culminating in flight demonstration missions on small satellites. The appeal of EP is that it offers exceptional propellant efficiency (compared to traditional chemical propulsion) to give spacecraft the capability of large delta-V maneuvers at the cost of relatively little propellant. Busek is actively miniaturizing electric propulsion systems to the mass, volume, and power consumptions relevant to CubeSat and small spacecraft applications. This work has resulted in the development of four technologies that allow CubeSats to achieve a performance niche previously attainable only in their larger counterparts. Applications range from precision attitude control (10uN-s impulse bits) to large delta-V maneuvers (up to 410m/s in less than 1U volume). Each of the four systems (electrospray thruster, microresistojet, micro pulsed plasma thruster and RF ion thruster) are near or under 1U volume and include propellant storage and management, as well as power electronics and digital interface to the host spacecraft. Also included in this class of thrusters is the green monopropellant thruster in a 1.5U package.
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