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Busek Co. Inc. is a space propulsion company that provides a wide range of thrusters, electronics, research and complete mission and system engineering support. 
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Latest News 10/7/2014: Busek Co. Inc. demonstrates world’s first iodine-fueled gridded ion thruster: See article in NewSpace Watch. 8/25/2014: SpaceNews spotlights Busek Co. Inc.: See article. 8/02/2014: Busek Co. Inc. presents at Small Satellite Conference in Logan, UT on 0.5N Green Monopropellant Thruster: See summary. 8/16/2013: Busek Co. Inc., Natick MA selected by NASA to “revolutionize    future space missions.” 8/10/2013: Busek Co. Inc., Natick MA providing primary payload for FalconSat-6 4/29/2013: Busek Co. Inc., Natick MA wins NASA Contracts for Key Technology towards Asteroid Missions   3/19/2013: Busek Co. Inc., Natick MA exhibits at Satellite 2013 (Washington, DC).
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