RECENT NEWS   4/25/2018: NASA Honors Busek’s Founder with Exceptional Public Achievement Medal: See press release. 7/31/2017: First Iodine Fueled Ion Engines Pass Major Milestone: See press release. 4/26/2017 Gravity Wave Testbed Repurposed as Comet Dust Collector: See article. 3/11/2016: NASA STMD Visits Busek to Talk Electric Propulsion: See Twitter. 3/02/2016: Busek wins NASA Cubesat contract for electrospray propulsion: See press release. 2/10/2016: SSL announces Busek collaboration on NASA and government programs: See article. 2/01/2016: NASA Spinoff features Busek electrospray thruster: See article. 2/01/2016: Busek Electric Thrusters Complete In-Space Commissioning aboard LISA Pathfinder. See press release. 12/03/2015: Busek Electrospray Thrusters Launch aboard ESA’s LISA Pathfinder. See press release. 8/04/2015: Busek’s BIT-3 ion thruster and Lunar IceCube featured by NASA and others: See article by NASA and SpaceRef. 7/15/2015: NASA Glenn Research Center recognizes Busek innovation with magnesium propellant: See publication. 6/30/2015: Busek is featured in Cutting Edge, NASA Goddard’s Innovation Chronicle: See publication. 6/22/2015: SpaceNews features Busek orbital debris-capturing technology, Satellite on an Umbilical LIne (SOUL): See article. 6/01/2015: Busek delivers first miniature electrospray thrusters to NASA. See press release. 05/04/2015: Busek is featured in Air Force Research Lab’s Launch Stories. 11/25/2014: SpaceNews spotlights Busek Co. Inc. concept for orbital debris cleanup: See article. 11/24/2014: Busek’s Electric Satellite Thrusters Boost the Bottom Line: See press release. 10/29/2014: Busek Co. Inc. delivers propulsion for Air Force small satellite: See press release. 10/13/2014: Aviation Week features Busek Co. Inc. for iodine-fueled gridded ion thruster: See article. 10/07/2014: Busek demonstrates world’s first iodine-fueled gridded ion thurster: See article in NewSpace Watch. 8/25/2014: SpaceNews spotlights Busek Co. Inc.: See article. 8/02/2014: Busek Co. Inc. presents at Small Satellite Conference in Logan, UT on 0.5N Green Monopropellant Thruster: See summary. 8/10/2013:  Busek Co. Inc., Natick MA providing primary payload for FalconSat-6.  See press release. 4/03/2013: Busek Co. Inc., Natick MA wins a total of six 2012 SBIR Phase I awards, including 3 from the SBIR Select Program.  See press release.   3/19/2013: Busek Co. Inc., Natick MA exhibits at Satellite 2013 (Washington, DC). 3/12/2013:  Busek Co. Inc., Natick MA named retired Rear Admiral Garry R. White as Vice Chairman of the Board.  Admiral White had a distinguished 33 year naval career which included Rear Admiral, Commanding Officer of a Nuclear Power Aircraft Carrier and a F/A-18 Fighter Squadron.  His last assignment was Commander, Strike Force Training Atlantic.  7/30/2012: Local paper recognizes Busek's contribution to DoD's Phoenix Program. See article. 6/26/2012: DARPA awarded Busek a Phase 1 contract "HIGH PERFORMANCE CONFIGURABLE PROPULSION SATLETS" for satlet colloid propulsion system for the Phoenix Project.  Phoenix is a program to repurpose dead and unused GEO satellites.  See press release.   6/11/2012: NASA/Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH awarded a 2 year SBIR PHASE II contract "MAGNESIUM HALL THRUSTER FOR SOLAR SYSTEM EXPLORATION".  The concept will enable in-situ power for Lunar and Martian exploration.  See summary. 5/30/2012: Dr. Vlad Hruby, President of Busek Co. Inc., presented a paper "High Delta V Propulsion for CubeSats" at the 1st Interplanetary CubeSat Workshop, 29-30 May 2012, Cambridge, MA.    5/01/2012: NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA awarded Busek a 1 year SBIR Phase 2 Enhancement for "ESPA Based Secondary Payload (PROPACS)".  PROPACS stands for Propulsion Power Attitude Control System and is a small satellite that can be launched as a secondary payload from an ESPA ring. 4/30/2012: NASA/Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH awarded a 2 year contract to Busek to develop a "20mN VARIABLE SPECIFIC IMPULSE COLLOID THRUSTER".  See summary. 3/25/2012: Busek Hall Thruster technology saved DoD AEHF communications satellite from fiery death.  See press release. 8/30/2011: The Air Force and Navy jointly awarded Busek a 2 year contract "HIGH PRIORITY, LARGE ORBITAL DEBRIS REMOVER" to address the growing space debris problem.   8/08/2011: Busek Co. Inc. announced the successful firing of its second Hall Effect Thruster System in space. AFRL and the USAF Academy integrated Busek's HET system on the FalconSat-5 satellite, which launched on Orbital Sciences Minotaur-IV rocket from Kodiak Island in November 2010.  See press release. 8/01/2011:  Busek featured in National Geographic 6/15/2007: Busek Micro Thrusters Deployed on Orbit from FalconSat-3.  See press release.
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